Welcome to R. Schramm GmbH. Our range of services includes all metalwork in the fields of design engineering and conveyor systems. This naturally includes the development, production and assembly of tailor-made solutions together with maintenance and professional servicing.

A further branch/ assembly shop for conveyor system components was put into operation in Niederviehbach in 2010.

R. Schramm GmbH – the company

R. Schramm GmbH was founded in 1983 by master craftsman Reiner Schramm sen. and office administrator Gertrud Schramm. The company has been based in Rosenheim since then. At the end of 2002, the construction of a new production site with a production, paint and final assembly building was completed in the Schwaig industrial region.

Currently, 42 employees work in the fields of metalwork / design engineering and materials handling / handling service in Rosenheim and Niederviehbach. The steel and metalworking department has specialised in the construction, independent production and assembly of various steelwork and stairway constructions, UVV (accident prevention regulations) facilities, etc. with a huge range of surface treatments.

In our materials handling department, the reconstruction of electro powered overhead monorail conveyors, power and free conveyors and circular conveyor systems are part of our routine work.

In the field of handling services, the company, as a service provider, has specialised in the servicing (repair and maintenance) of conveyor systems, such as electro powered overhead monorail conveyors, power and free systems, slat conveyors and floor conveyor systems.

In 1994, son Rainer Schramm took over the company’s management after completing his training as a master craftsman and certified business administrator and welding specialist. The materials handling division has been expanded by the construction and production of various load carrying devices (suspensions) and the design of conveyor systems and their components.

In 1997, second son Günter Schramm joined the company. As a mechanical and industrial engineer and welding specialist, he has worked as a managing director in both divisions since this time.

In 1999, R. Schramm GmbH achieved the verification of suitability in accordance with DIN 18800 Part 7, para 6.3 (manufacturer qualification, class B), which applies to components with mainly stationary loads. Our employees are trained in the manual metal arc welding (111, E) technique and in some cases metal active gas welding (135, MAG) to become certified welders (DIN EN 287-1), which enables them to weld the basis materials S 235 (St 37) in accordance with DIN EN 10025 as per DIN 18800 Part 1 without restrictions.

In 2002, the new industrial building was purchased in the Schwaig industrial area.

At the end of 2010, the branch in Niederviehbach was put into operation.

So that we can continue to fulfil our high quality demands combined with economic services in the future, we invest a lot in the training and further education of our employees and in our production processes.

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